Friday, April 13, 2007

DarthDoyle: Take-It-NOW Plus!! Take-It-LATER!!

Ol' DarthDoyle (promoter of babykilling) will not limit his 'screw-the-taxpayer' moves to merely increasing taxes astronomically (The Take-It-NOW part). That's hardly sufficient for his plan to transform Wisconsin into a State whose residents will have zero after-tax disposable income.

He'll also BOND the taxpayer ("Take-It-LATER"):

Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem) issued the following statement in response to the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau report summarizing the $3 billion in new authorized bonding included in the budget proposed by Governor Jim Doyle and the Democrats:

“The Democrats budget puts an additional $3 billion on the taxpayer’s credit cards. To put that in perspective, if Wisconsin had a 20 year loan at 4.41% to pay that it off, the Democrats’ spending spree would cost taxpayers an extra $19.8 million a month. A child born today will leave the hospital with a $861.43 credit card bill thanks to the Democrats’ borrowing.

And lest we forget the gory details of the "Take-It-NOW" part of Darth's plan:

The credit card bill is in addition to the Democrats’ plan to raise taxes by $536 for every man, woman and child in Wisconsin, hitting the average family of four to the tune of $2,144. Our children will pay for their spending spree for the rest of their lives.

Hey, Jimbo!! The money's not there no mo'!!

And if you have your way, the money's not there no mo', forever and ever, and ever, and ever!


The Badgerland Conservative said...

Wonder how many more people will leave this upholstered toilet known as Wisconsin. Pity anyone who is stuck here and cannot leave.

steveegg said...

It's unupholstered, complete with splinters.