Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The New Bishop of the Twin Cities

Bp. Nienstedt has been appointed co-adjutor in the Twin Cities, meaning that in a year (or less) he will succeed Apb. Flynn.

Some interesting notes:

Soon after being named bishop in New Ulm, he condemned some of the theological views of the man who had held the post before him for 25 years, Bishop Raymond Lucker, a noted progressive clergyman who died in 2001. Denouncing his predecessor's views was an "extraordinary step," the National Catholic Reporter noted in an article on the incident.

To say that Bp. Lucker's views were "progressive" is an understatement, and denunciation would be expected from a Catholic. After all, the Bishop's role includes teaching.

As bishop in New Ulm, Nienstedt prohibited cohabitating couples from being married in Catholic churches. He barred female pastoral administrators from leading prayers at a semiannualAdvertisement leadership event. He once disciplined a priest for holding joint ecumenical services with a Lutheran congregation after the Catholic church had been destroyed by a tornado.

Looks to me as though St Joan of Arc/Minneapolis may have an 'awakening' in the future...

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Brian Michael Page said...

Looks to me like the doodoo could hit de fan at St. Joan's.

BTW, tag, you're it.

Brother James said...

I'm hoping that the new bishop doesn't get discouraged and back down from these positions once he gets the inevitable resistance from the left-leaning clergy and parishoners. Regardless, don't expect a hammer to drop anytime soon, he'll probably go the pastoral route and make any changes gradually.

Still, this appointment bodes well.