Monday, April 16, 2007

SWAT Teams, BATF, USARNG Take on Poker Games

Think I'm kidding?

More paramilitary raids on poker games, in Georgia this month, and in North Carolina last month.

The latter included a small army of police officers from several police agencies, including the federal BATF and the National Guard. They even brought a damned helicopter. They issued 41 citations, all of them misdemeanors.

Police in Cary, North Carolina gave the same excuse for the show of force that the cops in Dallas gave when they sent out the SWAT teams to raid poker games in that city: While not prone to violence themselves, poker rooms are often robbed. Therefore, they have sometimes have armed guards. Therefore, police have to use overwhelming force.

One hesitates to post about this, of course, because Chief Hegarty may determine that her strategy for armed crime-reduction encompasses this.

But I have friends and relatives who play poker, sometimes for more than $5.00 pots.

They oughta know about the possibilities...

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