Friday, April 20, 2007

Ted Perry at Fox6 Doesn't Get It

While Perry's a likeable guy (and responds to emails,) he sometimes shows Lefty tendencies which are simply astounding.

Last night, Channel 6 replayed a very funny bit from a campaign stop of John McCain. McCain was asked about his thoughts on Iran.

The Senator responded by mis-quoting the Beach Boys, chanting "Bomb Bomb Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran" (thank God he didn't try to sing...) At that point, the tape was cut off, so other remarks McCain may have made about Iran were not shown to the audience.

Perry went into a cluck-fit, taking on the MSM's favorite position: "Mommy Knows Best", and remarked that 'the campaign is long, and every candidate will say things they will regret.'

What was so "regrettable" about that, Ted? It was HUMOR, Ted, and not nearly as imbecilic as Tommy!!!'s remark about the Jewish religion.

Lighten up, Ted. And by the way, play the whole tape. We're adults; we can handle it.

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