Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Birds of a Feather?

If the old saying is true, John "Tough Guy" Chisholm may be a bit disappointing to folks.

Today, Tommy the Milk-Carton Kid will be in Chicago, addressing the gun-control crowd (sorry--I meant the Int'l Ass'n of Police Chiefs) meeting sponsored in part by the Joyce Foundation.

You recall Gun Control. It worked so well in England that armed home-invasions over there are now the leading crime.

Who else is hanging around there?

Jeri Bonavia, Executive Director WAVE Educational Fund (Ms Bonavia is a Milwaukee-area resident and gun-control activist.)

John Chisholm, District Attorney Milwaukee District Attorney’s Office

Tom Diaz, Senior Policy Analyst Violence Policy Center (The old "Brady Bunch")

Fred Gebauer New York City Mayor’s Office (The Straw-Buyer Fraud Bunch)

Nannette Hegerty, Police Chief Milwaukee Police Department (Obviously here to create a strategy, right?)

Leslie Sharrock, Police Chief Waukesha Police Department

This is not an auspicious start for the newly-elected Milwaukee County DA, unless he's down there to deliver the counter-point lecture.

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