Friday, April 20, 2007

Living Forever: the Statist's Promise

Charlie comments on the "soda tax" and all the other "health taxes" which may well be proposed by the Statist Collective:

A tax to save our teeth? Can a fat tax be far behind? A tax on candy? Sugary cereals? Ding dongs? Twinkies? How about a tax to save our kidneys? Our bones? Our hearts?

Perhaps Charlie (Homer) nodded and forgot the cigarette tax and the liquor and beer taxation, already in place.

Without going far afield, he could have mentioned the trans-fat/saturated fat idiocy, the "save the planet" ethanol inanity, and other Statist-driven devices and methods by which the Collective promises to prevent decay and death.

All of which, of course, contradicts Newton's Laws and the Natural Law.

But the Collective knows all about Newton and Natural law. That's not the point.

They promise eternal life (and health, too!!) as the payoff for a few pennies here, a few more there...

But the Man Behind the Curtain is really saying "Give Me The MONEY!!!"

It's as simple as that. Give us the money, say the Statists, and we'll give you (and your teeth) life, eternal and unspoiled.

The ultimate hubris.


Billiam said...

Yet, they would not be in position to do this had not the sheep put them in position to do so. The bleating critters apparently WANT gummint' to take care of them.

Anonymous said...

A guy who makes his living off the goverment's provision, the highway system, and having had two wars fought to protect the fuel he uses is complaining about others wanting the government to take care of them. Define irony.

Billiam said...

MZ, we apparently are not going to play nice. The company I drive for pays all sorts of road use taxes, fuel taxes, tolls, etc. Yes, the company pays much for the wonderful priveledge of delivering almost everything this country uses on a daily basis. Over the years, I've delivered everything from Medical supplies to Portable Sattellite communications gear, to Sub parts to food. Through all this, I've been paid, for the most part, a fair wage. I've been in 3 hurricanes, numerous blizzards and ice storms, 2 earthquakes and a tornado.

I do not take any Gov't handouts, I don't fudge my taxes. I make do with what I make. In other words, unlike gov't, I live within my means. To a certain extent, yes, two wars have helped keep the oil flowing. That's not all they were about. If you wish to think differently, feel free. Since we can't drill for our own, here at home, I'm betting it'll happen again. i know this response won't satisfy you, as I said, I see we aren't going to play nice. So, take it for what it's worth. To you, likely not much.