Monday, April 16, 2007

Al Quaeda in Iraq--the Coalition is Breaking Up

Some good news, not found in the MSM:

The Sunni civil war in Iraq continues to gather steam. The Islamic Army in Iraq, the largest Sunni insurgent group which has previously operated closely with al Qaeda in Iraq, has severed ties with the terror group after several months of infighting, Al Jazeera reported today. Ibrahim al-Shammari, an Islamic Army in Iraq spokesman, "told Al Jazeera on Thursday that the Islamic Army in Iraq had decided to disunite from al-Qaeda in Iraq after its members were threatened."

Not unalloyed joy for the US, however:

It should be clear the Islamic Army in Iraq and the council of Sunni scholars are by no means friends of the United States. Both groups view 'resistance against the occupier' as legitimate.

Ain'a wunnerful? Choices.

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