Monday, April 30, 2007

Packer Draft Picks and Dick Cheney

Seems that there are roughly 2,564,908 Certified Football Player Experts in Wisconsin (counting the 10 or so in the offices on Lombardi Avenue.)

The videos of booing fans and sarcastic/incredulous SportsGuys matched the recent videos of the Democrats in Washington discussing the origins of the Iraq adventure--except that the Wisconsin people were slightly more civilized and restrained.

The observer with the Atomic Trousers sums it up:

As a group, we're a little tired of Thompson drafting like he knows something that nobody else does.

Obviously, it is simply impossible that Thompson and his people could possibly know something about football players, especially compared to the distilled wisdom and intel-sources of the other 2,564,890 people.

We await the admission that Dick Cheney dictated the picks to Thompson (in like manner as he dictated the initiation and completion of the War to GWB.)

At least Thompson didn't have to drag himself around the country campaigning for his job, thus being in close contact with Karl Rove.

Because THAT would mean that it was all a plot by the NeoCon Cowboy Fans.


J said...

I guess Packer fans choose to forget how well last year's draft turned out for us. Acting quite like New York fans!

Reaganite said...

Hey, most voters believe they know-all about how to run everyboy's lives, everybody's businesses and everybody's properties, and they elect politicans who believe accordingly. Why shouldn't they also believe they know-all about choosing professional football players? Most of us are as qualified to draft professional football players as we are to run other people's lives. Our experience and education make us as qualified to do one as to the other.

James Wigderson said...

Ahem, the NeoCon Cowboy plot was to get Dan Snyder to buy the Washington Redskins, a plan that worked beyond our wildest dreams.