Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Agenda, Following Va. Tech

Horrific--a crazy implements his vision.

Now the aftermath, which will be a "gun control" feeding frenzy--(already begun by one of the locals, above.)

But here's a perspective:

A reminder: if someone commits mass murder with a weapon other than a gun, the national news media usually ignore it. For example, Hector Escudero started a fire at a casino in Puerto Rico in December 1987 as part of labor union activism, and killed 96 people. Julio Gonzalez threw $1 worth of gasoline into an illegal night club in New York City in April 1990 to get back at his girlfriend, and killed 87 people. These stories received almost no national news coverage at the time--while mass murders that were substantially smaller received vastly more coverage. Why? Gonzalez and Escudero's crimes didn't advance the cause of gun control.

That and more at Clay Cramer's blog.

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