Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Catholics: Kill Those Babies! Dems Enable Rapists

In a State Capitol near here:

This bill requires a hospital to do all of the following if it provides emergency
services to a victim, as defined in the bill, of sexual assault: 1) provide her with
medically and factually accurate and unbiased written and oral information about
emergency contraception and its use and efficacy; 2) orally inform her of her option
to receive emergency contraception, her option to report the sexual assault to a law
enforcement agency, and any available options for her to receive an examination to
gather evidence regarding the sexual assault; and 3) immediately provide
emergency contraception to her upon her request.

Here's the weasel-wording:

“Emergency contraception” is defined in the bill to be a
drug, medicine, oral hormonal compound, mixture, preparation, instrument, article,
or device that is approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration and that
prevents a pregnancy after sexual intercourse
. The definition of “emergency
contraception” specifically excludes a drug, medicine, oral hormonal compound,
mixture, preparation, instrument, article, or device of any nature that is prescribed
to terminate the pregnancy of a woman

Depends on the meaning of "is." (To quote an Unusually Good Liar)

This terminology neatly goes around the core of the issue; that is, if there is a fertilization of the egg resulting from the attack, the language allows for a 'drug, medicine...' (etc.) to prevent the implantation of the fertilized ovum on the uterine wall.

That's one definition of a "spontaneous abortion."

But the bill will allow a caused "spontaneous abortion." Many ethicists maintain that there's no difference between the effects of this treatment and a post-implantation abortion, except (of course) that there's no implantation. This is a "conscience clause" item if there ever was one, as many Catholic (and other religious) MD's and RN's will not be able (with a clear conscience) to administer or prescribe the treatment.

Nothing in the Bill would allow a "conscientious objector" to opt out.

Furthermore, the bill does NOT require that the rape/incest victim actually report the crime to law enforcement:

(c) “Victim” means a female who alleges or for whom it is alleged that she
suffered sexual assault and who, as a result of the sexual assault, presents as a
patient at a hospital that provides emergency services.

2. Her option to report the sexual assault to a law enforcement agency.

Under the proposal as worded, anyone can simply arrive at a hospital and state that they were raped--and obtain the treatment.

What about the criminal? The perp? The rapist?

In effect, the Democrat bill will enable the critter to continue on his merry way, assuming that the victim is telling the truth in the first place.

Our Legislature should not be writing laws which violate the conscience of State citizens (cf Par 18 of the State Constitution) nor should our Legislature be enabling rapists to find new victims.

Best that SB 129 be put to rest immediately.


Billiam said...

Who are the clowns who introduced this piece of crap?

Dad29 said...

Glad you asked.

Here's the list:

Senators Robson, Taylor, Miller, Plale, Risser, Erpenbach, Lehman, Wirch, Hansen, Jauch, Carpenter, Kreitlow, Coggs, Lassa and Sullivan; cosponsored by Representatives Pocan, Benedict, Berceau, Black, Boyle, Grigsby, Hraychuck, Kessler, Parisi, Pope-
Roberts, Seidel, Sheridan, Sherman, Shilling, Sinicki, Smith, Travis, Turner, Vruwink, Young and Zepnick.

The usual babykiller crowd

Billiam said...

Hansen. OK, he's my rep. What a prick.