Thursday, April 26, 2007

Screechin'Shirley Screwed Green. Does She Deserve the Title "Justice"?

HT Jessica on this one.

Justice Prosser lambasts Screechin'Shirley for her shilly-shallying on the Green election funds question. (See P. 8 in the link)

In the midst and aftermath of an important gubernatorial election, this court did nothing to ascertain and enforce rights, or to assure the integrity of the electoral process. Instead, it used every imaginable pretext to avoid making a decision.

...From the outset, Green contended that he and his committee had complied in every respect with existing state and federal law. The Elections Board now stipulates that:

[W]hen Green for Wisconsin . . . converted the disputed funds from Petitioner Mark Green's federal campaign committee to his state campaign committee on January 25, 2005, it complied with: (1) previous Board determinations with respect to similar matters; (2) ElBd 1.39, as written and interpreted at the time; and (3) instructions provided by the Board's staff.

¶19 What more is there to say?

Allow me to suggest that Shirley Abrahamson did her level best to stretch out an injustice, if Justice Prosser's statement above is accurate (and I am sure that it is.)

In other words, she's better titled: "Chief IN-Justice Abrahamson."

Not that we didn't already know that...

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