Monday, April 30, 2007

Think It Costs More? You're Right, if It's Groceries

No inflation here. Nothing to see. Stop milling around and go home...

The topline All Farm Products Index of Prices for April increased 0.7% from March, resulting from a 2.4% increase in livestock prices that more than offset a 0.7% decrease in crop prices. Higher prices were received for onions, milk, cattle and tomatoes, whereas lettuce, corn, strawberries and eggs fetched lower prices. The topline index is up 22% from April 2006. The food commodities index is on the rise, gaining 1.5% on the month and 22% on the year. The Index of Prices Paid for Commodities and Services, Interest, Taxes, and Farm Wage Rates rose 1.3% from March and now stands 6.1% higher than a year ago. (The Dismal Scientist, 4/30/07)

So long as you don't eat, or purchase gasoline, things are just fine!


J said...

Well, there is a Woodman's going in in Oak Creek, and I've heard rumors of one in New Berlin. You can buy the same thing at Woodman's as they sell at Pick n Save, but can spend up to 50% less.

Generally it is in the 10-30% less range, but just imagine the savings on every grocery bill, for the exact same foods, in the exact same quantities. Plus they offer a much larger variety than Pick n Save could even imagine. A little bit of competition in SE Wisconsin could do some real good.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about Woodman's is that they are a union shop. Seeing Woodman's in Madison was what caused my break from reflexive anti-unionism. The selection is truly astounding. It is about the only thing I miss about Madison.