Monday, April 30, 2007

JS Report on Deportations Misleading

The local lamestream strikes again.

Let's set the table. Paul Bucher applied for authority to pursue deportation remedies against illegal aliens (in effect, deputizing the local authorities.)

This calls for the "jackbooted thugs" line:

Critics complain that such initiatives not only improperly shift enforcement of federal law to local police, they also believe it sets the stage for mass deportations, which some Americans have opposed in the ongoing debate about immigration.

Yah. Imagine Brad Schimel wearing an impressively-tailored brown uniform, complete with cigarette-holder and a riding crop, next to a freight train consisting of 100 empty boxcars...


More subtle is the twist on the history of the application. Yes, Paul Bucher applied for the authority. But as the JS article states:

...federal officials notified Waukesha County officials in August that a joint county-city application was unacceptable and that each police agency would have to seek immigration authority on its own. Gilhooly said there has been no response from Waukesha County since then.

So, in fact, Waukesha County has NOT pursued this authority since August. That would be about 8 months ago, right?

When other locals use the authority, it is specifically directed against illegals who have committed a CRIMINAL offense. In other words, one has to draw attention to oneself through inappropriate behavior...

And, by the way, it works better than ICE does.

In Nashville, the sheriff's office sought federal authority after two people were killed in a head-on car accident with a drunken driver who turned out to be a Mexican citizen living in the United States illegally. With more than 80 other suspects in custody after the first week, local police started deportation proceedings against every one of them.

Karla Crocker, spokeswoman for the sheriff's office, said that is half the number of deportation cases started locally by federal authorities in all of last year.

We stumble across the concept of subsidiarity and notice that it has value.

Schimel should re-file in cooperation with the locals, immediately.

Just in case you don't understand why this might be important, try this:

Dacus Lamont Sims died at age 32, after trying to cross a Charlotte street with Luciano Melendres on the loose. Melendres is an illegal alien from Mexico who was arrested last year for drunk driving; instead of being sent home or put in jail, he received 12 months probation. Now, having run over Sims, he's charged with DWI, hit-and-run, driving with a revoked license, driving without insurance, and a registration violation. Apparently murder is not among the charges, so it's likely he'll be behind the wheel again soon.

Melendres joins a long list of illegal aliens who have taken lives while driving drunk on our roads...Most of them had been arrested repeatedly before they killed. Some had even been deported repeatedly ...These drunken maniacs' victims have included police officers, Marines, women, and small children, whose blood stains the hands of the irresponsible moonbats from Bush on down who refuse to defend our sovereign territory from invasion.

Polemics about Bush aside (although not in the least irrelevant,) criminals who are illegals should be deported--unless they are also killers (like the above) in which case they should serve their term and THEN be deported.

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Anonymous said...

“defend our sovereign territory from invasion.”
Moonbattery sounds lik a misquided Iraq patriot.

Dad29 said...

Oh, I don't know, JP.

What else do you call 12 million people who moved across a border without prior permission?

Anonymous said...

Does wink wink count as permission?