Sunday, April 29, 2007

Steyn Nails It Again--Limbaugh to Counterpunch Tuesday

Steyn is a bright fellow, and good with words. (That's why your humble servant- bloglodyte quotes him quite a bit here...)

The Defeaticrats are being opportunist: They think they can calibrate the precise degree of U.S. defeat in Mesopotamia that will bring victory for them in Ohio and Florida. Contemptible as this is, it wouldn't be possible had the administration not lost the support of many of the American people over this war. The losses are devastating for the individuals' families but they are historically among the lowest in any conflict this nation or any other has fought. So I don't believe the nightly plume of smoke over Baghdad on the evening news explains the national disenchantment. Rather, the mission as framed by the president -- help the Iraqi people build a free and stable Iraq -- is simply not accepted by the American people. On the right, between the unrealpolitik "realists" and the "rubble doesn't cause trouble" isolationists and the hit-'em-harder-faster crowd, the president has fewer and fewer takers for a hunkered-down, defensive, thankless semi-colonial policing operation. Regardless of how it works on the ground, it has limited appeal at home. Meanwhile, the leftists don't accept it because, while they're fond of "causes," they dislike those that require meaningful action: Ask Tibetans about how effective half a century of America's "Free Tibet" campaign has been; or ask Darfuris, assuming you can find one still breathing, how the left's latest fetishization is going...

As we mentioned below, there actually are some Muslims who think that 'governance' should be separated from 'Koran-ernance.' The trouble is that they are a minority in most Muslim countries (they're a sub-set of the Shi'ites.)

Limbaugh has already come up with the new NeoCon Meme: that this Iraq thing is really a matter of National Security for the US. He has yet to pound that home with actual real-live reasons for that statement, although a few come to mind immediately, such as:

1) We need the oil.
2) A democratic republic with lotsa Free Trade opportunities will offset....ah.....well.....something-or-another.
3) Iraq, democratized, can attack Iran.
4) (Fill in the blank here. Be creative.)
5) Al-Quaeda will launch its naval forces to attack the US from Iraq unless we emplace CableTV there to numb their minds.

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