Saturday, April 28, 2007

Paul Ryan's "Conservatism" Essay

If you read the below post on Pawlenty, and followed the internal link to Bob Dohnal's article, then what Paul Ryan mentions here is not only 'thematically consistent' but compelling:

Among these principles is the notion that individuals and families should be the focal point of our society, not the government. Confidence in the unlimited potential of free individuals has always been part of the American dream, and this outlook tracks closely with conservatives’ belief that government is meant to serve the individual—not the other way around. This predisposes us to seek solutions that allow American innovation to flourish and avoid burdening our children with
high taxes and spiraling government debts.

It is a matter of elevating the debate, and demonstrating that the people's interests are consonant with the interests of the State (or nation)--and that the Conservatives' positions are in harmony with these interests.

It remains to be seen whether any of the remaining essayists bring up 'the National (State) Interest.'


Random10 said...

Mark? Ryan - Just saying. :)

Dad29 said...

Fixed, thanks.

After a while, the names all sorta run together.

Just like my feeding schedule.