Saturday, April 14, 2007

A Reminder: We TOLD You to Fire Gonzales

The guy is not only "shifty-eyed;" he's apparently less competent than "Brownie" of Katrina fame...and so are his underlings.

The Department of Justice executed another Friday-afternoon document dump -- that time-honored method for politicians to avoid press coverage of their peccadilloes -- and uncovered yet another refutation of earlier statements by its senior officials.

...Enough already. If President Bush doesn't act to fire everyone involved from Gonzales on down for the sheer incompetence and deception, then he deserves every moment of televised committee hearings he gets from this molehill that Gonzales & Co built into Mount McKinley.

The quotes above are from Captain's Quarters (Ed Morrissey) who is not a leftywacko Dem.

But hey! Buy popcorn. The hearings should be fun to watch.

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