Monday, April 30, 2007

Live in Waukesha? Pay Attention!

A friend relates the following.

Over the weekend, a resident of Waukesha (near the WallyWorld on Hy. 164) heard something "clunk" in his kitchen. He got out of bed, figuring it was one of his chilluns getting in really, really late...

But it was not. He found someone rummaging through his refrigerator--someone whom he did not know.

So he asked "What are you doing in there?" and got the response "I'm hungry."

He escorted the fellow out of his home. Two minutes later, he noticed that the fellow was now rummaging through the contents of his daughter's car in the driveway.

Another confrontation. The fellow left the premises.

Naturally, the homeowner called the police, who pursued the fellow (in a stolen vehicle) to the near north side of Milwaukee. He was apprehended.

By the way, the guy was actually hungry, sort was his SECOND trip into this guy's kitchen; on the first one, he nabbed two bananas and left to steal the truck. He left the banana skins at the dealership (trade-in?) before he and a pal attempted to break into WallyWorld.

Non-violent. Hungry.


UPDATE: JSOnline published this story 5/1

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