Friday, April 13, 2007

State Health Care STILL Doesn't Work

Romney's MassCare takes another hit:

To remove the threat of a public backlash, the state plans to exempt nearly 20 percent of uninsured adults from the state's new requirement that everyone have health insurance.

The proposal, expected to be approved by a state board today, is based on calculations that even the lowest-cost insurance would not be affordable for an estimated 60,000 people with low and moderate incomes who do not qualify for state subsidies. Forcing them to buy insurance or pay a penalty could jeopardize the rest of the state's initiative, officials said. Instead, the state board appears prepared to settle for near universal coverage, all but 1 percent of the state's population.

Just the fact that 60,000 low/moderate income folks couldn't afford MassCare premiums sends a warning (we would hope) to the Statists drawing up the Wisconsin plan.

There is a solution: simply increase the tax burden on employers to make up the difference.

See the post immediately following for the likely reaction to THAT move.

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