Saturday, April 14, 2007

Israel Insults Pope

This is not helpful.

Relations between the Holy See and Israel have hit a new low after the Vatican's ambassador to Israel, Monsignor Antonio Franco, said he was boycotting the Holocaust Day ceremony at Jerusalem's Holocaust Museum tomorrow night.

The row broke out over the caption on a large photograph of Pope Pius XII in the Yad Vashem museum which castigates his recognition of the Nazi regime, his failure to protest when the Vatican learnt that Jews were being massacred, and his failure to react to the deportation of Jews from Rome to the death camps.

The caption concludes: "His silence, and the absence of guidelines obliged Churchmen throughout Europe to decide on their own how to react."

In a letter to Yad Vashem, Monsignor Franco wrote, "I respect the memory of the martyrs but also the memory of the pope. The right of the one does not infringe upon the right of the other."

No point in quoting (again) all the Jewish leaders who praised Pius XII for his work rescuing Jews from the Nazis during WWII.

One could ask what the Israeli government is thinking......


Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Dad and all,

Trying to pressure Jews to spin the Holocaust to benefit the Vatican is highly illuminating. Rather than admitting wrong and actually seeking truth and justice, these arrogant and deluded deceivers still think they can pressure people to turn a blind eye to obvious duplicity and undeniable evil.

The Vatican has always shown itself to be an enemy of truth and justice. The list of its abominations continues to grow, regardless of their duplicitous assertions to the contrary. Who cares if these smooth-tongued snakes are "uncomfortable" facing the truth about the Vatican and Papacy's role in the Holocaust, Crusades, the Inquisition, a long list of other pogroms, widespread child rape by priests, etc., etc., etc. !!

Make no mistake about it, the ultimate driving force behind the latest convulsions of great evil has been the Vatican and its secret society cohorts. The "yellow cake" lies that helped start the Iraq war have been traced back to Rome, Berlusconi, and the P2 Masonic Lodge, which has numerous Vatican members. The time is long over-due for the blind to open their eyes, connect the dots, and deliver long-awaited justice to the Vatican, conspiring world leaders, their deceptive organizations and blatantly evil Machiavellian manipulations.

Truth and Justice are catching up to the Vatican and its secret-society cohorts, just as St. Malachy and others have predicted.

Here is Wisdom !!

Dad29 said...

I thought about removing your screed. Then I thought again.

Other readers will be enlightened, I'm sure, by your post.

Brother James said...

It's not surprising that a state that exists to defy Christ would take issue with those who represent Him.

As for the conspiracy theory junkies, they're a dime-a-dozen. Seven Star's also left his ramblings at my site before. You have my sympathies.