Monday, April 23, 2007

Missing the Point on Gun Crimes

Folkbum (Bert) disses McIlheran.

Not exactly news...but Folkbum misses the point.

I'm not saying my stats prove anything in the gun control debate.

Well, no--actually they do prove something, and it's the important thing:

Handgun crimes are "up" in Great Britain, which has practically banned handguns.


Bert/Folkie, the friggin' ban DOES NOT WORK!


Here's another way to look at it, from LawDog:

You want to ban guns.

In 1919, the Volstead Act and the Eighteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution were passed banning alcohol -- much like you want to ban guns now, they banned booze then.


How'd that work out?

Would you call Prohibition a success?

What makes you think the banning of guns would be any different?

Of course, the Kennedy family found the Volstead Act to be a boon. So did Al Capone, and hundreds of others just like him.


Billiam said...

Dad, there's ALWAYS someone who thinks they can do it better. Another good example of this is Socialism. It always collapses in on itself, yet there are always those who think it'll work if they'd only do it their way.

The Badgerland Conservative said...

Case in point ... The Hildabeast.

We're better, we're smarter, we care more ...

Bert said...

Hello Dad29:

First, I was trying to focus on murders specifically, not gun crimes as a whole. McIlheran was trying to leave the impression Great Britain's murder problem was comparable to ours.

Second, I don't agree we can prove anything throwing around crime statistics. These are not controlled studies. They have many variables. What would gun violence rates be in Great Britain without any ban? Is a gun ban only working when the gun violence rate is O crimes/year? What about their festering Muslim ghettos as an incubator for crime?

Third, when I said I was not saying anything about gun control I meant I don't necessarily support a gun ban. I could have a .50 caliber machine gun mounted "Rat Patrol" style on the bed of my pickup and still think Pat McIlheran was trying to pull a fast one on his readers.

I look forward to hearing your friggin' response.


Dad29 said...


You're correct when you state that anybody can make anything they want from "numbers."

But the question is whether or not "gun bans" actually work, and the answer is that they do NOT succeed in eliminating guns.

Whether they are used for murder, mayhem, or for gaining cooperation, is irrelevant--

Great Britain has a gun problem, where guns are outlawed. Some solution THAT was.