Monday, April 09, 2007

JS Goes Over the Line on Christofferson

In a report on check-forging by a local political consultant, the JS managed to step over the line with its "background."

Christofferson's attorney, Craig Mastantuono, said today that he expects the case will result in a plea agreement with prosecutors, rather than a trial, and that he hopes Christofferson will be able to avoid prison time. She has no previous criminal convictions and only one blemish on her court record - a $1,284 default judgment against her over an unpaid credit card bill.

The story is difficult enough for the woman without the above, entirely gratuitous addition. Nobody needed to know this, and who really CARES about it? It occurs to me that the JS editors should have stepped in and emphatically hit the 'delete' button on the credit-card info.

Let's hope she gets past this and resumes a productive career.


James Wigderson said...

I didn't see the point of the article at all, as she is not a public figure and nothing she has been accused of has anything to do with the campaign she just ran.

Dad29 said...

I dunno about that. She's more a 'public figure' than most folks; and she did run that campaign.

OTOH, this is a matter of $1300.00, which is not exactly a mint...