Thursday, April 26, 2007

Abp. Burke: Being a Catholic Bishop

Seems that in St. Louis there's a Catholic children's hospital.

Bob Costas is sponsoring a fund-raiser for that hospital this year--and one of the attractions is Sheryl Crow, whose "humorous" jestings about toilet paper have caused waves of nervous disorders at the Charmin plant in Green Bay.

But Ms. Crow has other problems--she's a big-time supporter of abortion and embryonic stem-cell research.

So the Archbishop of St. Louis did what actually-Catholic Bishops do:

Archbishop Raymond Burke denounced a Catholic charity Wednesday for scheduling a benefit-concert appearance by Sheryl Crow, who supports abortion rights.

Burke submitted his resignation as chairman of the board for the Cardinal Glennon Children's Foundation, saying the decision to let Crow sing on Saturday left him no other choice.

"It's very painful for me," Burke said during a news conference Wednesday. "But I have to answer to God for the responsibility I have as archbishop.

"A Catholic institution featuring a performer who promotes moral evil gives the impression that the church is somehow inconsistent in its teaching," Burke said.

Thank you, Your Grace!

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