Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Barrett Doesn't Understand the Second Amendment

Ol' Milk-Carton went to the Windy City and helped the wind. (Couldn't resist.)

"Let me be clear - if you are a hunter or a sportsman, I don't want your gun," Barrett said. "This is not about the Second Amendment. This is about saving young lives and futures in cities like Milwaukee."

Actually, Tom, the Second Amendment says NOTHING about "hunters and sportsmen." The Second Amendment was written for two purposes: 1) to enable self-defense and the defense of the country; and 2) to keep the Government in its place.

Wanna read the damn thing and try again?

What Tommy wants:

Tom Barrett said today that it was time for the federal government to revive its role in "hometown security" by helping crack down on the flow of illegal guns to the streets of the nation's cities.

That's a great example of the "blame game." It doesn't take a genius to figure out that if the Feds (BATFE) knew that a box of guns was "illegal," they'd intercept it. Frankly, Tommy, this is not Bush's fault, nor Rove's fault.

By the way, Tom: what's an "illegal" gun? Does it have Day-Glo red paint?

The ONLY way to slow down gun traffic is to arrest the goblins that HAVE the unregistered or illegally-carried weapons. That means that the ONLY way to do it is on the streets.

By the way, did Nan pick up a strategy while she was down there with you?


Anonymous said...

The feds can't even stop illegal aliens. What makes him think they can track illegal guns? :/ Heaven knows, they haven't done such a swuft job so far.

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