Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Fox6's "Brad the Anchor" Works on The Agenda

While covering the VTech story, 6's 9PM anchor was in conversation with an on-scene Fox network reporter.

Brad kinda didn't really believe that the shooter used 'just pistols,' so he half-asked/half-commented to the network figure that 'one would think that he used an Assault Weapon' [to shoot so many people.]


Why the question? By 9PM Central time, everybody who knew anything about this was in agreement that the guy used two pistols. Period.

Moving an agenda, Brad?


Anonymous said...

Yes this will be the hammer they will try to use to bring back the Brady bill even though no assault rifles were used.

You know the Gun Control people are jumping for joy behind closed doors over this

If he had got in his car and ran over people in the VT commons no one would be calling to outlaw cars.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, most of these anchors are hired because they're eye candy, not because they have astonishing (or even unremarkable) IQs. So, sometimes, they just have to say something just to fill time. Nothing is more embarrassing than Mr. Eyecandy staring earnestly into the camera with absolutely NOTHING to say, so, having meagre intellectual capital upon which to draw, you get riveting questions like, "How did it feel to lose your best friend in the massacre?" Same with the "assault weapon" comment. Chances are pretty good that, with an assault weapon in one hand and a 20 gauge shotgun in the other, he wouldn't know which was which. But one thing's for sure: He has to keep talking!

Dad29 said...

By the way, now it appears that he used a 9mm and a .22LR pistol.