Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gregorian Chant Origins Tour

One of this country's leading musicologists will lead a tour to some of the most notable locations for Gregorian Chant aficiandos this summer.

Einsiedeln, Reichenau, St. Gall, St. Johann/Mustair, and Munich will be included.

Music, some meals, three/four-star accomodations, and all transportation (depart/arrive Chicago) will be included in the price.

This blog is specifically 'unfriendly' for email correspondence. However, if you wish further details, please leave an email address in the combox. It will be forwarded to the musicologist as soon as it arrives here.

Bon Voyage!!

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Wonder Woman said...

Took a music class in university, the Gregorian Chant was explained, and earned my respect as a form of musical wonder.