Monday, March 12, 2007

Madison's New Cathedral

A while back, St. Raphael's in Madison burned down. There will be a new building; the question is "what sort of building"?

Can Madison area Catholics build a cathedral from a fire's ruin downtown to rival the grandeur of the State Capitol?

That was the query laid out this week by Professor Duncan Stroik of the University of Notre Dame, a noted architect and proponent of "renaissance of sacred architecture."

Stroik, whom Bishop Robert Morlino introduced as a trusted friend and adviser, invited an audience Thursday to imagine the fire-gutted St. Raphael's Cathedral, a historic church off the Capitol Square, replaced by something more grand.

Sentient Catholics have already noted the key words in the above: Duncan Stroik.

Best wishes in your venture!


Terrence Berres said...

No matter the architect, the key words are more grand.

Brian Michael Page said...

I don't know about "more grand", as I've never seen the old cathedral. However, if the blueprint is in the hands of Duncan Stroik, from the work he's done in the past building and re-building beautiful churches, I think it's in very good hands.

Keep thinking:
Stroik-good; Vosko-bad.