Thursday, March 15, 2007

Task Force 145

When you want to know what's going on in the War on Terrorists, Google "Task Force 145."

Last week, western forces from Afghanistan were reported to have crossed the Pakistani border, and captured Mullah Hakimallah Mehsud, a clansman of Baitullah and Abdullah Mehsud, the two leading Taliban commanders in South Waziristan. Yesterday, NATO's International Security Assistance Force spokesman denied any involvement in operations inside Pakistan. "Contrary to recent press reports, the NATO International Security Assistance Force has not and is not involved in the conduct of any operations inside of Pakistan," noted an ISAF press release. "" 'These reports are simply false,' said Col Tom Collins, ISAF spokesman." Colonel Collins is technically correct, this wasn't a NATO led mission, but, as we noted the day the news broke, one conducted by Task Force 145, the hunter-killer Special Operations group created to pursue senior al-Qaeda leadership.

It's a lot easier than asking the Bush Administration what's going on. They won't tell you.

HT: Roggio/Fourth Rail

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