Sunday, March 25, 2007

WFBuckley on Congressional Investigations

Food for thought, as might be expected from WFB:

It is obvious that there are Democrats in Congress who want an opportunity to forage for crimes in the matter of the discharged U.S. attorneys. Nobody has come up with a description of exactly what crime might have been committed and should be investigated. What is being conjectured is that an industrious investigating committee armed with subpoena powers could come up with malfeasance of some kind.

On the other hand, the investigative function of the legislative branch is of plenary importance, and should not be aborted by hypothetical immunities of the chief executive. Woodrow Wilson wrote in his classic book "Congressional Government" that Congress' investigative power was more important, even, than its legislative power. ...

Abuse of Executive powers seems to pop up every so often. FDR did it, as did JFK (through his brother, the AG), Nixon, and Clinton. All those are well-documented examples.

I don't think GWB is a bad guy, and neither does WFB (see the link.) But Gonzales, and perhaps some of his subordinates, are not clean as the driven snow.

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Billiam said...

I agree, there is a problem with Gonzalez. I also agree that the investigational ability of Congress is important, if they are, at least, semi-honorable. Unfortunately, what we see with Congress now, is a witch hunt. The only reason they want to get Rove, et al. undr oath, is so they can maybe prosecute him for lying under oath. That seems to be their new modus operendi.

Bernard Brandt said...

I'm sorry, but while I think it was silly of Bush II to have fired the U.S. Attorneys in question, as far as I know, the law is clear that he had a perfect right to do so. May I recommend that you read the following:

Alternatively, you could just read 28 U.S.C. section 541, which can be found here:


Dad29 said...

Bernard, no one argues that GWB could not do what he did.

What's being advanced are two OTHER arguments:

1) Gonzales is a shifty-eyed creep. Time for him to go.

2) Gonzales' team failed to prosecute a number of items AND prosecuted some (the Border Patrol guys) which they should NOT have.

This has nothing to do with authority and everything to do with integrity.

Bernard Brandt said...

I would entirely agree with you in your assessment. In fact, I do.

My gripe was with the moonbats who were and are seeking some sort of apocalypse against our president. May they go with God. They may not appreciate the companionship.

As regards the border guards, these were and are honorable men and officers who did their job, and were punished for "political reasons". May those who punished them be returned to public office.

Bernard Brandt said...

My apologies. It has been a long day. What I meant to say is: "May those who punished them be returned to private office."

RobKPhD said...

Oh I think W is not entirely on the up and up. There weren't any WMDs and we knew it. I think that there was less than complete honesty there.

That said, I think wasting time and other resources on witch hunts is irresponsible.