Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Brookfield vs. Brookfield: The Union Wants Jobs!

This doesn't surprise me at all, but Bob Flessas did the digging.

According to one local fire staffer on the condition of anonymity, the city may be intentionally making it hard on the Town because “[city fire staff] would be losing geographical area for their fire service. The IAFF union is lobbying hard against any services provided by the town’s fire department, even if they are equal or better.

By ‘equal’, I’m referring to City trained paramedics; by ‘better’ I mean response times to Weston Hills.”

“The thought is the city’s FD is justifying their firehouse staffing levels based on Weston Hills residency, that would in essence be gone if the town covers that area.”

“This matter goes well beyond the right thing to do for residents of the city.”

The City of Brookfield's Fire Department pisses away a lot of money...on firefighters, of course. The Union wants to keep it that way, and Jeff Speaker is (in effect) fronting for them.

So when the Town of Brookfield offered to "cover" the Weston Hills area for the City (a very logical and efficient offer,) the Fire Fighters' Union went ballistic, knowing that if the Town did the work, the Union Firefighters would lose jobs.

Speaker is playing toady for the Union here, and costing the City's taxpayers some money.

While all of us knew that Mayor Jeff was not particularly bright, none of us suspected that he was actually a Union front-man.

On the other hand, no City Alderman will ever question the Union-mandated (and Chief-supported) featherbedding--sending an engine to accompany ambo-runs. The Aldermen are aware of it, and simply have no interest.

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