Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Where's Your Money? Clinton. Both Bushes, Took It

The Feds are spending it. (You expected another answer?)

Heritage has put up a series of charts, and this is one. (Can't get it to upload to Blogger...)

Inflation-adjusted, your Congress is spending a LOT of your money:

For 2006, the average household will pay $20,664, down from $22,647 in 2000 but much higher than $13,017 in 1965.

They actually WERE "the Good Old Days."

But that's not all. (Those suffering from clinical depression should stop reading right now.)

Your Congress-Critters are spending a LOT.

Real annual federal spending more than tripled since 1965 and nearly doubled since 1980.

And they're spending your money to get re-elected (or to obtain more election funds):

Total nominal spending increased over 2,000 percent since 1965, while the Consumer Price Index increased a relatively modest 500 percent. Less than half of the increase in federal spending came from defense and homeland security spending.

And they spend regardless of the underlying ability-to-pay.

Federal spending increased 250 percent since 1965, five times faster than median income, which rose just over 40 percent.

The local angle? DarthDoyle is doing his damndest to emulate these bozos.

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Billiam said...

I have to say, Doyle is setting a new low for those other idiots to hit. Then again, a majority of Wisconsinites voted for the corrupt b@stard.