Saturday, March 24, 2007

DMV Gets Rushed

Does your 16-year-old want a drivers' license?

Be prepared to wait.

In Milwaukee, as in other parts of the state, a stream of illegal immigrants is dashing to get Wisconsin identification cards and driver's licenses before April 1, when a new state law will require proof of legal residency in the United States to get them.

...Gary Guenther, director of the Bureau of Field Services for the DMV, said part of the recent backup in getting road tests could be attributed to more immigrants trying to get in under the April 1 deadline.

And there is the sniveling from the usual suspect:

Christine Neumann- Ortiz, director of Voces de la Frontera, an immigrant workers group, said her office has been flooded with calls in the last three months from people trying to beat the April 1 deadline.

"The tragedy is that many have to pick up their kids or go to work, and they will be driving without a license, which will put them at risk for further prosecution for having to do this," she said.

"This will further criminalize working people, hurt the local economy and create a divisive atmosphere and lead to more racial profiling," she said.

Yah. That's the ticket! It will create a "divisive" atmosphere.

Divided between those who actually follow some rules and those who don't.

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