Saturday, March 31, 2007

Folkbum's Been Traveling?

Maybe Jay's been out of the country?

Aside from the issues relating to workers, students and women, the most important issue last month has been the demonstrations staged by members of the Teachers’ Guild Association [Kanun-i senfi-yi moalleman] across the country. … Their foremost demand is that the teachers’ salaries must be adjusted to equal that of other public-sector employees, furthermore adding that if the government’s low budget is the reason behind this inequality then it should look into allocating what is expended in other fields to be granted for teachers’ necessities.

HT: Random10

In the Mullahcracy, teachers are considered to be 'prophets,' which apparently is supposed to get some respect (and big bucks.)

So for you folks who are teachers here (and dissatisfied with the health benefits and pay)--there's an alternative.

Required: Farsi.

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