Thursday, March 15, 2007

Screw The "Minneapolis Imams"

The Imams who were tossed off the plane in Minneapolis are suing.

But they're not just suing the airline (U S Airways.)

These jackasses are also suing the people who REPORTED their suspicious behavior.

Paragraph 22 adds: "Plaintiffs will seek leave to amend this Complaint to allege true names, capacities, and circumstances supporting [these defendants'] liability ... at such time as Plaintiffs ascertain the same."

Who are these unnamed culprits? The complaint describes them as "an older couple who was sitting [near the imams] and purposely turn[ed] around to watch" as they prayed. "The gentleman ('John Doe') in the couple ... picked up his cellular phone and made a phone call while watching the Plaintiffs pray," then "moved to a corner" and "kept talking into his cellular phone."

In retribution for this action, the unnamed couple probably will be dragged into court soon and face the prospect of hiring a lawyer, enduring hostile questioning and paying huge legal bills. The same fate could await other as-yet-unnamed passengers on the US Airways flight who came forward as witnesses.

Perhaps it is un-civil to suggest that this lawsuit should be tossed at first sight and the jackass Imams required to leave the country immediately. OK. I'll be un-civil.

Do not pack your bags. Do not take a toothbrush. Just get the Hell outta here.

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Captain USpace said...

These Imams were faking and goofing on the passengers, and were probably trying to get tossed off the plane just so they could play the victim card and go to court and make a scene. Any judge who allows this is garbage.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
pretend to be terrorists

scare people on a plane
get thrown off claim racism