Monday, March 26, 2007

Biodiesel Brewer Gets Reality, UPDATED

This fellow sums it up:

“I guess that I’m opposed to it overall for a hobbyist to be charged,” he said. “It’s getting to the point in our culture that almost everything that we do is going to be illegal, or you need a fee or a license.

--Paul Simon, a Manitowoc-area "home-brewer" of biodiesel fuel.

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And, in another instance of the same, an Illinois couple finds that "revenooers" are after their money, as well:

"They told me I am required to have a license and am obligated to pay a motor fuel tax," David Wetzel recalled. "Mr. May also told me the tax would be retroactive."

Since the initial visit by the agents on Jan. 4, the Wetzels have been involved in a struggle with the Illinois Department of Revenue. The couple, who live on a fixed budget, have been asked to post a $2,500 bond and threatened with felony charges.

Just coincidence that both States are run by Democrat governors who spend money like water, are in the Midwest, and are more concerned with what they think is "their" money.

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Headless Blogger said...

This is really silly. I wonder how much the state is spending to collect the pennies from these guys.

I know homebrewers are exempt from taxation for personal consumption, the law should be amended to give a break to these people. They are taking personal action consistent with the stated goal of Doyle to increase biofuel use.

When I was in Madison on Saturday I noticed a pizza chain proudly operated vehicles powered by biofuel from cooking oil. I wonder if this is only an out-state tax, or if Madison businesses with the proper political views also have to pay.

Billiam said...

This is the LEFT. No surprise. Since so many in this country don't seem to care, this is what our future holds. We're a dying breed, Dad.