Monday, March 19, 2007

DNR Mandates Nuke Power for Wisconsin

Don't you wish?

Actually, that may be the result of their latest move:

Proposed regulations to reduce mercury emissions from electric generating plants by 90 percent by 2020 are stirring debate about pollution, utility costs and nuclear power.

On Thursday, the state Department of Natural Resources, responding to a request by Gov. Jim Doyle, proposed rules that would exceed those of the federal government and remove Wisconsin from a national program which would allow utilities to buy credits for out-of-compliance plants.

Lawniczak [Director, Enviro Services, Wisconsin Public Service] said no technology now exists to allow plants to achieve a 90 percent reduction.

Which leaves two options: 1) Simply shut down the coal plants. 2) Go Nuke!


Headless Blogger said...

A big "NO" to Option 2 - building nukes is prohibited by statute and would never get through Doyle and our cognitively disadvantaged legislature.

Look to these options: 3) Import electricity from other states and provinces at great cost or 4) close up shop and move elsewhere. Based on the policy proposals coming from Madison, they have already picked #4.

Dad29 said...

It would be good if the folks in your #4 were the Doylies (who would pack up and move elsewhere.)

Unfortunately, I don't think it will be them.