Friday, March 30, 2007

Wis. Dept of Corrections: Major Piggies

We'd mentioned before that Wisconsin's Dept of Corrections is a drainpipe for state tax revenues, now getting FORTY PERCENT over the national average for prisoners.

Channel 4 added another piece of evidence last night.

Tracking sex offenders would be easier if they had to wear GPS monitors. But that can be expensive.

Wisconsin lawmakers have travelled to Kansas to find out about a GPS program there. The I-Team's John Mercure went with them. He found that Kansas monitors the same amount of offenders as in Wisconsin with a much smaller budget.

It costs Kansas $1.2 million annually to track 300 sex offenders by GPS. Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle's office claims it would cost the state $10 million to monitor 300 offenders here. Doyle signed a GPS bill to protect Wisconsin children. Now he's threatening to gut the bill by cutting the spending and limiting who gets monitored.

DarthDoyle claims he'd have to hire 120 DoC personnel. The State of Kansas outsourced the task and only hired 9 additional personnel.

Similar results were obtained in Colorado.

Someone needs to assist Darth in thinking.

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