Wednesday, March 28, 2007

DZ v. DePauw

I know. That headline could be French for something....

Delta Zeta is holding DePauw University responsible for its own student-handbook procedures:

...The heart of our lawsuit against DePauw involves three claims that should matter to all Greeks. First, the university withdrew recognition of our chapter in a manner that is completely inconsistent with the due process rights of students and organizations on campus. Simply put, the school acted as judge and jury in this case instead of following the disciplinary action processes outlined in their Student Handbook. Second, the university lacked valid grounds to take action against Delta Zeta since the student affairs staff at the school had been active participants in approving all aspects of the membership review process that is central to this dispute. Finally, the university and its officials have engaged in a deliberate campaign to defame Delta Zeta and inflicted significant harm to the student members of our organization by exposing them to national ridicule.

Too bad. Perhaps this will serve as a warning to those who would make PC a graven image for worship. It might cost you to do so...

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