Friday, March 23, 2007

Same Old, Same Old, Pelosi's Name

It's not really a "withdrawal" resolution. It's a PIG*/POG* resolution.

TODAY THE House of Representatives is due to vote on a bill that would grant $25 million to spinach farmers in California. The legislation would also appropriate $75 million for peanut storage in Georgia and $15 million to protect Louisiana rice fields from saltwater. More substantially, there is $120 million for shrimp and menhaden fishermen, $250 million for milk subsidies, $500 million for wildfire suppression and $1.3 billion to build levees in New Orleans.

That's the "Withdrawal Resolution." Buried in the pork is something about leaving Iraq by August 2008.

*PIG: Party In Government
*POG: Party Of Government

HT: Captain's Quarters

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