Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On Gonzales

Despite the strained and silly yapping from the "right" radio folks, Tom Roeser also thinks that Gonzales should be cut loose:

To this old ex-federal bureaucrat who has just completed an inside look-see at the Justice Department through several past and present sources, there was something wrong with the appointment of Alberto Gonzales as AG in the first place. Close to George Bush he may be but the indistinct image coming through of a namby-pamby on abortion has bothered social conservatives from the outset. He doesn’t speak on the square; looks shifty-eyed; acts like a junior clerk. The frequent lying, misstatements and corrections shows an insecure man at the helm. My one fear was that Bush would name him to the Supreme Court for the next opening. This call for his resignation-which may very well happen-could be a godsend.

While GWB will not fire Gonzales (an honorable position to take,) Gonzales could still resign.

That would allow Bush to appoint an AG who actually has some curiosity about the dealings of Sandy "Hotpants" Burglar, the Border Patrol's supervisors, and like that, you know.

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