Saturday, March 24, 2007

Michelle McGrorty's New Job

Thanks to P-Mac McIlheran and Google, we find that Supreme Court candidate Linda ("The Cops Lied") Clifford keeps some interesting company--at arm's length, of course.

First, P-Mac:

As long as we're on the topic of donors, it's worth noting that many of the anti-Ziegler ads running on Clifford's behalf -- and being anti-Ziegler appears to be the chief substance of Clifford's campaign -- are paid for by the Greater Wisconsin Committee, or... by its political fund. It's a 527 group, which means that in exchange for spending as much as it wants, it has to be independent of Clifford's campaign.

It is independent, doubtless, just as it was independent of Gov. Doyle's campaign, which it helped out heavily, and independent of Kathleen Falk, whom it helped against Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.It's independent, though the IRS will point out to you that the contact person for the Greater Wisconsin Committee [Michelle McGrorty] is employed by Clifford's longtime employer. She's even on the firm's board of directors.

So you go to the link, and find Michelle McGrorty.

THEN you Google, and voila!

Does the name Chuck Chvala ring a bell? The Caucus scandal?

The treasurer of an independent campaign group and a woman identified as a contact for campaign contributions to state Senate Democrats were given court-ordered immunity Thursday in a secret inquiry into possible illegal campaigning

Also given immunity was Michelle McGrorty, a worker in the former Senate Democratic caucus who was identified by a lobbyist last year as being a "full-time staff person for political fund raising."

...McGrorty was a part-time worker in the caucus, working 32 hours a week. She was mentioned in a memo that lobbyist Tony Driessen circulated among colleagues as being the contact for Senate Democratic fund raising.

Evidently Ms. McGrorty learned enough during the Chvala years to become an attorney. Or maybe this experience served as OJT-Law-School. Or maybe McGrorty is not an attorney, but slept at a Holiday Inn Express.

UPDATE: Xoff, always fastidiously concerned about details, advises that Ms McGrorty is no longer employed by the lawfirm. See combox

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xoff said...

You might try a little fact check. Michelle McGrorty is not a lawyer and is not at the law firm in question. She is the full-time executive director of Greater Wisconsin Committee and has been for about two years.