Thursday, March 29, 2007

What Does This Story NOT Tell You?

Here's a cut from the WTMJ story on the Bay View bandidos:

The five men and one woman facing charges of armed robbery with threat of force are Paul Asik Jr., 30; Xavier Perez, 18; Brendaly Gonzalez, 19; Angel DeJesus, 21; Carmelo Vaszquez Jr., 32 and Christian Colon, 19.

Repeat: What does the story NOT tell you?

Your guesses (I think it will take no more than two) can be filed in the combox.

HT: Freedom Eden


Sir Galen of Bristol said...
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Sir Galen of Bristol said...


Immigration status?

Anonymous said...


I wonder what country Asik and Colon immigrated from.
The others were probably raised Catholic.

Dad29 said...

Paul gets the BINGO!!! Award.

Anonymous said...


It not that the second most popular game played in the Catholic Church?

Just kidding.