Saturday, March 24, 2007

Fred Thompson: First Poll & UPDATE

All those NYC hot-rods are running for the Right Guard:

A new poll of New Hampshire voters suggests that Fred Thompson might undermine Republican front-runner Rudy Giuliani.

The American Research Group March 19 to 21 telephone poll of 800 likely GOP primary voters included several possible candidates who have not announced their plans.

In a February poll, Giuliani led the field with 27 percent, one point ahead of John McCain. In March, Giuliani slipped to 19 percent, four points behind McCain. Mitt Romney was supported by 17 percent.

Next in line were two unannounced candidates, Newt Gingrich at 11 percent and Thompson, who had not been part of earlier surveys, at 10 percent.

This will be fun.

Now the Iowa polls show Thompson popping upward. So far, he seems to be subtracting from Gingrich in that state.

The NYSun analyst cautions that the numbers are not very strong indicators this early. That said he also mentions that RUUUUUUUDEEEEEEE!'s numbers are troublesome for Rudy--they pop up and down too much.


Anonymous said...

The real news should be that Mitt Romneys number continue to surely but slowly rise. This despite the rather vicious attacks on him by the MSM as well as those who are opposed to hie Mormon faith. As more people take the time to find out who and what Mitt Romney is, they are impressed. As was I, especially after finishing Hugh Hewitts new book "A Mormon in the White House, Ten Things Every American Should Know About Mitt Romney."
The man is impressive - any Republican would be doing themselves and our party a great disservice by not doing your homework and reading this book. (And no, I'm not getting a penney by plugging this book!)

Dad29 said...

Hewitt's become a very active shill for Romney.

I don't care about Romney's faith. But I DO care about his sudden "reverse" on abortion and his mandating gay marriages in Massachusetts.

His State health-care plan wasn't so hot, either--it costs far more than he said it would--and delivers far less.

Don't need no book to tell me that Romney wants to be President bad enough to lie about his positions.

Don't put too much money on that horse, fella.