Sunday, March 18, 2007

Counter-Protest? WHAT Counter-Protest?

As usual, the MSM doesn't get it:

Yup, the journalistic standard-bearers of the NYTimes relied on "several veterans of the antiwar movement" to give them crowd estimates of the Gathering of Eagles. It's the domestic equivalent of MSMers relying on dubious Iraqi stringers to provide them with war coverage while they sit in their comfy Green Zone offices in D.C. and Manhattan.

...when stating that "several hundred" counter-protesters showed up in D.C.

In reality, (not where the MSM lives), the National Park Service estimated 30,000 "Gathering of Eagles" counter-protesters.

TWO local MSM outlets (Channels 6 & 4) mentioned "counter-protesters." Damn nice of them.

A pure, grass-roots effort, the Gathering of Eagles' volunteers matched the massive Soros-funded anti-war machine sign for sign, chant for chant, and marcher for marcher. The contrast was most stark right before the entrance to the Memorial Bridge, where Eagles gathered with a field of American flags--while anti-Bush, 9/11 conspiracy nuts wrapped themselves in a figurative blanket of yellow "Out of Iraq" placards.

Somehow the locals were not able to provide numbers for EITHER group, although Moonbattery suggests that the Eagles OUTNUMBERED the wackos 3 to 1.

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