Friday, March 23, 2007

How Many US Troops Have You Killed Today?

Baldwin, Obey, "Kookie" Kagen, Moore

all voted to approve the Run Away!!! Bill--and endangered funding for US Troops overseas.

They've had their fun. Don't make another mistake like this, boys and girls.


Anonymous said...

Oh please! Keep up the presure. We need to get out of the Middle East and let them take care of their own problems. It is about time that we stop attempting to build nations to support our way of life and government. The other peoples of the world are not there to support our way of life. We need to live with their decisions and not plan and run their lives.

I can only imagine what type of response I'll get from the owner of this blog. Most likely name calling.

Dad29 said...

Sorry, Anony, I happen to agree with you that "nation building" is not a proper use of US military.

HOWEVER, when you have 160K troops overseas, you don't just cut off the money necessary to provide them with ammo, fuel, and clothing.

Amy said...

But do you really think, anon, that what happens in the Middle East doesn't affect us?

Six years ago, we weren't in Iraq. Yet the ideology that pervades 95% of the Middle East drove terrorists to crash planes into our buildings and kill 3,000 of our troops.

This is a conflict of ideology that existed before Iraq and will continue to exist after.

What we need to do is stand up to it and say ENOUGH or prepare to lose Western civilization to shari'a law.

Cutting our troops off at the knees will only bring that last part one step closer to reality.

Dad29 said...

Amy, we won the war. That happened in about 10 days or so.

Post-war planning from this Administration was a disaster; it's almost reasonable to believe that they did not HAVE a plan.

If the objective is to get rid of terrorists, all we really need is about 3 more Task Force 145's. (Search on my blog for that.)

As for Shari'a: it won't happen here unless the courts LET it happen. We've had our Wilson Presidency, and one was enough.

The world has to save itself, too, you know. We aren't going to do it all for them. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Amy, Indeed I know that what happens in the Middle East effects us. Nevertheless, it is not our right to impose our way of life on the people in the Middle East. They are fighting back because we are imposing our culture upon theirs. They are defending their way of life. We need to respect their culture by getting out of their backyard. Please do not be culturally superior.