Saturday, March 24, 2007

Screechin'Shirley's Next Case

Here's another interesting case that the Supremes will hear:

This case examines Scott M. Hambly’s conviction on one count of delivering cocaine based largely on statements he made to detectives, and whether he waived his right to a lawyer.

Two Washington County Sheriff’s Department detectives arrested Hambly on Sept. 22, 2003 after asking him to come to the police department to discuss “several drug transactions that he was involved in.” Hambly told the detectives he didn’t want to go, and he didn’t want to talk. But he argues that he was subjected to the functional equivalent of an interrogation and that his request for counsel was not honored.

The Court of Appeals concluded that Hambly’s self-incriminating statement did not stem from the functional equivalent of an interrogation and that it was not obtained in violation of his right to counsel.

This case originated in Washington County.

This one is all about whether the police elicited inculpatory statements, or whether the perp flapped his jaw voluntarily.

The Appeals Court thinks it was voluntary.


Anonymous said...

First of all you (and the state of Wisconsin) have it all wrong. the fact is that this never happened. everything was all lies; and my judge knew it.
I never told the detectives that i sold drugs. (notice the fact there is no statement) duh the cops lied. After i asked "why am i being arrested over five times they asked me if i knew a certain individual. I stated Yes he is my friend. this is the statement the cop told my jury
He stated "scott said he remembered mm and mm would stop out at his house, which meant that he remembered selling small ammounts of cocain.
READ MY FILE BEFORE YOU MAKE JUDGMENT the cop stated his opinion as my factual statement, this is illegal

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is no excuse.

My jury was tainted by false statements from a detective who lied and stated that i admitted selling drugs. there was no miranda rights. I was handcuffed, thrown against a car, and put in jail.

Anonymous said...

We will see how you feel when you loose your rights and freedom.