Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Self-Interest and Lies About Guns

Well, here we go again.

The owner of Badger Guns (who is under intense scrutiny) has endorsed a proposal which would significantly enhance Badger Guns' revenues. No surprise there. Hell, he could become a Legislator and vote self-interest, just like Farmer Hahn.

The proposal would ban private gun-sales in Milwaukee County, which has some "GooGoo" about it--but the propaganda support happens to consist of a lie from "Mothers Against Gun Violence."

MAGW claims that there is no legal barrier to selling a gun to a felon.


In reality, committing such an act is a federal felony, as well as a crime as defined in Wisconsin code sections 941.29(4) and 939.05(2)(b).

If you're so motivated, advise your Leggie that LRB 0861/2 should be squashed.

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