Friday, March 23, 2007

UW's Reilly, Walsh Still in Outer Space

From the Budget Blog:

[During Joint Finance testimony from Reilly and Walsh] Suder, a Republican from Abbotsford, asked whether the officials had a cost estimate for Gov. Doyle's budget proposal to make in-state tuition available to undocumented individuals. Reilly and Walsh said they didn't have a figure, but after prompting from Suder said they approved of the policy.

"I'm glad UW administration is on record supporting that (tuition breaks for illegal immigrants)" Suder said. Reilly and Walsh argued that Suder was misrepresenting the policy, which requires students graduate from a state high school and are working toward citizenship, but Suder retorted, "You can spin it any way you want to."

Lemmeesee, heah. The question pertained to "UNDOCUMENTED" individuals (that's illegal aliens, folks.)

Is it true that "UNDOCUMENTED" individuals can be "working towards citizenship?"

News to me...

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