Friday, March 30, 2007

Bushbots Losing Audiences?

Belling went on at some length yesterday about an opinion piece written by a Righty radio-guy from the West Coast.

The radioguy was seeing falling ratings, and finding that 'backers of the Iraq War' are having problems keeping their audience.

(Not by coincidence, Savage reports that Hannity will be losing his SanFran radio outlet soon.)

The Righty Radioguy speculated a bit, spinning the article to make himself a victim--or at least, a True Blue Certified Good Guy who was being abused by the audience.


The problem that this fellow may be encountering is that talk-radio listeners actually think, generally independently. They listen to rightyradio because they can get the opposing view by absorbing MSM blather (which is impossible to avoid.)

So the Hannity-esque techniques of straw-man bashing, screaming, and not bothering to examine subtlety (etc.) are not going to entrance rightyradio listeners. Let's be frank: Hannity (and some others) simply don't allow an intelligent discussion of a question. (Some think that Hannity is not capable of intelligent discussion in the first place, but that's another matter. He's a pretty face, after all.)

Belling ought to know. He shuts off discussion all the time.

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