Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lonesome George (Bush)

There's been some angst midst the Radio Snorters over the "Prosecutors Fired" thing.

Not because the Prosecutors were Fired. Not because the Dim(o)wits are making it into a propaganda campaign which would do Goebbels proud.

Not because NBCABCCBSCNN are repeating the propaganda like the monkey-brained twits they are.

But because the Conservative base doesn't seem to care.

Farah has an opinion which has a bearing on this:

Now, again, I have to point out that Bush administration incompetence is indeed staggering to behold. Only the Bush White House and its Justice Department could manage to look so guilty when they have done nothing wrong. They are pathetic and deserve whatever fate befalls them in this make-believe crisis

...This whole drama is kind of a metaphor for the Bush administration. These guys, starting at the top, have been over their heads from day one. Bush tried so hard to get along with the Democrats. He cared so much about appearances and the way the New York Times, Washington Post and Associated Press covered his actions. He didn't care about his campaign promises to his base. He didn't even seem to care if he lost control of Congress – which he did.

GWB won't even defend his own AG (who should be fired for his incompetence on other grounds--like his failure to send Sandy Burglar to Club Fed, or his failure to ruthlessly prosecute the Corn-A-Hole crowd for insider-dealing, or for allowing his boyzzzz to jail Border Patrol personnel.)

Why the Hell should Conservatives defend him?

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Sir Galen of Bristol said...

Thank you. You have captured my viewpoint on this topic masterfully.