Friday, April 09, 2021

Teh Stupid, It Hurts

Just below this post, we mentioned that Tin-Pot Tony Evers is totally incompetent.  

In contrast, the Biden* Junta is so stupid that it hurts to read the stories.

The gun control fact sheet distributed by the White House claims AR-pistols with stabilizer braces are “concealable,” and cited that alleged concealability as a reason the firearms should face a higher level of regulation....

Oh?  "Concealable"?  You mean like inside-the-belt?  Outside-the-belt?  In the pocket?  Ankle-holstered?

No.  That's not what Biden* meant.  The Junta doesn't really get it.  And as usual, Biden* just makes s*** up so parrots in the MSM can look just as stupid.

...While it is certain that some AR-pistols with stabilizer braces can be concealed in tall backpacks or other bags, they cannot be concealed on a person’s body the same way a traditional pistol or revolver can.

During his speech, Biden also claimed that AR-pistols are “more lethal” if they have a stabilizer brace. He did not provide an explanation for his claim of greater lethality...

50 million people voted for this guy.  71 million voted for an American patriot.  

Then 30 million "votes" showed up at midnight.



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